You have a tango project. You have questions and you have problems. I can help you.



Do you have a project, or an idea for a project, do you want to do it professionally, and you don’t know how? Do you need direction, guidance and sustained advice?

I offer you services as a Project Manager to direct the entire process of project definition, planning and execution. I help you with the assembly of a work plan, design of strategies, financing plans, writing of documents.

I get involved from an external point of view with the entire life cycle of your project.



Are you a tango artist, do you have a project and want to derive the production tasks? Do you need to execute it or finance it and you don’t know how, or you don’t want to do that job?

I offer you production services, executive production, and commercial production of projects: I will be in charge of obtaining the material, logistical and financial resources to materialize your project.

I get involved as an active part of the work team, being responsible for its implementation.



Do you have a tango project and you need to communicate it, spread it, make it known? You do not know how? Or: you don’t want to do it yourself?

I offer you communication services: I advise you in the design process (conformation of your institutional image, design of the Communication Plan, drafting of documents and dossiers, etc.), and in the execution of communication (management of social networks, management of press, etc).

I get involved as an active part of your work team, being responsible for communication.



Do you have a tango project and you need an external and objective look regarding any of the previous points?

I offer you a look from the outside, completely free. Ask me whatever you want.

I take the time that is necessary to speak with you and try to help you and guide you in what I can.



Are you a tango artist and want to professionalize your work? Do you want to learn to manage your own career and produce your own projects? Do you want to develop abroad and do not know how?

I offer you services of cultural management classes for projects and for tango artists, on issues of production, financing, personal branding, development abroad, among others.

I get involved in your process as a Cultural Management teacher, happy to share with you everything I have learned so far.