I’m a tango teacher. Freelance. Born in Uruguay. With 15 years of professional experience. I travel around the world teaching tango, sharing with my students my obsessive search for quality, awareness, creativity and authenticity in the dance. I have permanent work bases in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, London, Glasgow, Munich, Barcelona and Paris. You can read more about my classes HERE.

I’m a Technician in Cultural Management. Graduated from Claeh Culture University in 2011, and specialized in tango projects. For the last 10 years I’ve been creating and collaborating in projects to improve people’s quality of life through the tango culture. You can see my project history and my services HERE.

I’m a compulsive writer. I sit in cafes, bars and milongas in cities all around the world, and I write and re-write texts about tango. About its history, its music, its characters. About the life in the milongas of the world. You can read some of my pages HERE.

I’m a professional Milonguero. I’m the result of 15 years of fanatical attendance to milongas of Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Europe. The milonga is my natural space of expression and relationships. I specialize in training excellent milongueros, and in transmitting the fundamental values of the authentic contemporary social tango through all my work areas.

I’m an addicted traveler. My work territory is the world. There, in any remote place where there is a minimum outbreak of tango, I will go to share my experience and my work.

I’m an ex-Architect. When I was a teenager I started a life of obsessive work in front of a computer. That didn’t last much. One day, at my 20’s, my mind and my body got sick of that. I woke up, I gave up everything and I went to dance tango around the world. I never came back. My final degree project has to do with this story. You can find it HERE.