“Diego is an exceptional teacher. One of those who gave us the 100% of himself in every lesson and could make a real difference in our dance. Generous with the information, with a profound knowledge of tango techniques, combined with a very special sensibility, and the great ability to transmit it. Don’t miss the chance to have a lesson with him.”
Chloé Nguyen
Melbourne, Australia
“Diego is one of the best teachers I ever had - and I had many very good teachers! He is very meticulously, his explanations are very clear and he is able to show exactly what to do - how to correct bad habits. If you have the chance to get a lesson with him, do it: it will bring you a big step forward!”
Angelika Preisser
Hamburg, Germany
“I call Diego my ‘tango engineer.’ I tell him the problem I’m having, and he always comes up with a solution. I absolutely love the combination of rigour and reassurance Diego offers. He’s such a relaxed teacher that he makes you feel it will be easy to achieve your goal, and he is always encouraging, but at the same time he works with you on the technique very precisely.”
Ben Lovejoy
London, UK
“Diego is such a teacher who possesses a sensibility to the body condition of others based on which the ability to point to the way to improve rapidly. And most of all, he loves teaching and therefore has developed his own philosophy of teaching, respecting the individuality of each dancer.”
Mika Jiao
Chengdú, China
"My approach to tango had a before and after the classes and workshops I have had with Diego. Each of his proposals has allowed me to understand and put in the body this dance as a true dialogue, as an encounter with the other and with oneself. It has been the possibility of generating pauses, of working the balance, of dancing from a holistic and integral proposal. Each class demonstrates a thoughtful planning that invites you to rethink, to feel, to dance tango as a unique language from the personal to the social"
Magela Campelo
Montevideo, Uruguay
"Thank you for the awesome classes! You teach a tango that we all want to dance: organic, warm and fluid. With such a focus on connection, close embrace and use of energy, I can honestly say that tango doesn't need to be complex if we can apply such a style. And with a few more lessons like those ones, hopefully we will. Looking forward you returning!”
Guillaume Dugas-Phocion
Paris, France
“Diego is the tango teacher who managed to convey something invisible and essential, beyond technique and figures. With him we do not learn to move with established steps or with memory figures. We are making a process of discovery and learning to feel and connect with an internal energy shared with the hug of the other, we understand and feel the times of dance, musicality, the waiting in that container hug. The exact and harmonious word, the patience and the example with a quiet repetition in his embrace, is sustained by personalized accompaniment, guided and attentive to our movements, which arouses constant motivation. Learning with him is a way of no return”
Cristina Rodríguez Peña
Montevideo, Uruguay