Ph: Gabriela Ferreira

I am, first of all, a freelance tango teacher, born in Uruguay, with 15 years of professional experience. I travel around the world teaching tango. I have permanent work bases in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, London, Glasgow, Munich, Barcelona and Paris. Soon I will be based also in some cities of China. You can read more about my classes HERE.

I am also a technician in Cultural Management (Claeh 2011) specialized in tango projects.  For 10 years I have created proposals around its dance, its music and its poetry, to improve the quality of life of people through the culture of tango. I also work as a Project Manager, and I collaborate on other people’s projects in the areas of production, financing and communication. You can see my project history HERE.

I have also been a compulsive writer since I was a child. I sit in cafes, bars and even in milongas in cities around the world and I write and re-write texts related to tango. About its history, its music, its fauna, about the milonga’s life around the world. You can read some of my texts HERE.

Lastly I am almost-Architect, (always) about to graduate from the UdelaR (Universidad de la República). The reason why I have not been able to finish the last subject of the degree is because I have systematically chosen to travel with the excuse of dancing tango.

My full story continues HERE.